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PID Temperature Controller

  • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) may control of up to a 500 Watt Load.
  • 5 Pin XLR Connection for [E-Nail] Heating Element and Thermocouple.
  • 3″ High Resolution Touch Screen with Graphical Interface.
  • 10/100 Ethernet Connection; Wireless Capable; Web-Enabled Interface.

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AerTouch Temperature Controller Device (Legacy)AerTouch

AerTouch TC v1.1, Aerify Digital’s first touchscreen, web-enabled Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) based temperature control device!

Housing the AerPID (AerifyDigital’s PID Controller Board) this device merges reliable, proven temperature control methods with modern convenience and luxury. Offering both wired and wireless internet connectivity the AerTouch’s web interface has tons to offer users. By allowing you to log on to, and control your device from anywhere you have web access (Port-Forwarding may be required) the AerTouch helps to eliminate that feeling of dread when you reach your destination and realize you left your device on at home, or allows you to start the heating process as you leave in the morning so your device is ready to go when you arrive at work.

While available in some options, this model contains no operable Backup Battery Management System.


    • Thermocouple – High Accuracy Temperature Measurement
      • Supported Type: K
      • Temperature readings from 32° to 2000° Fahrenheit  ( 0° / 1100° Celsius )
      • Accuracy: ≥2.0°C  ⋅ Resolution: ~0.25°C  ⋅ Nominal Swing: +/- 0.8° C
      • Four separate internal temperature sensors for “Cold-Point Compensation” control and calibration
      • Sensor Fault Handling, Over-Temperature Detection, and other Safety Shutoffs
    • Heating Element Control – Solid State Relay (SSR) Driver
      • Drives Heating Element from AC Source
      • Includes Coil Protection Circuitry
      • Max Volts: 250v ( AC )
      • Max Amps: 5A
      • Max Amps with attached heat-sink: 12A
    • 5-pin Female XLR Connection – Supports Most Common E-Nail Pinouts
      1. AC POWER
      2. AC POWER
      3. TC +
      4. TC
      5. GROUND
      6. SHIELD (Earth Ground)
    • Four USB ports on back – Can be used for a mouse or keyboard, or to power other separate USB devices
      • Keyboard required to connect to Wi-Fi
    • 10/100 Ethernet, WiFi and BlueTooth Connectivity Ready
      • Support for Phone App and more to be added in the future!
    • Three-Inch Full Color High Resolution Touch Screen with Customizable Graphical Interface ( 320 x 240 pixels )
    • Variable speed cooling fan with Air Filter – Keeps the AerTouch enclosure cool
    • Automatic Safety Cool-Down with Configurable Time Frames and Delays
    • Usage Detection – For applications where a temperature drop indicates the device is still in use
      • Extends Safety Cool-Down
    • “Bump” Feature to increase temperature by a set number of degrees for a set number of minutes
      • Useful in some applications for cleaning off the heating element
    • Configurable ambient lighting via quad channel PWM circuit
      • Red, Green, Blue, & White ambient LED lighting control
    • Integrated Real-Time-Clock with dedicated power backup for offline solutions
    • Automated updates (disabled by default) of AerPID Control application software
    • Remote system control using Web-Application:
      • Control the heating element (Toggle On/Off)
      • Get detailed system information
        • Current Temperature
        • Desired Temperature
        • System Version
        • System Up-time
      • Change the set temperature
      • Customize up to four favorite temperatures
      • Configure the Proportional, Integral, and Derivative values of the device
      • Change the settings used in the Use-Detection feature
      • Watch your device’s heating curve in action on the temperature graph
      • Schedule your device’s day – Set the device to turn on or off at specific times of day
    • Open Source – Continuous Improvements
      • Built with FOSS in mind; Source code will be made available post device finalization and release
      • Managed Code Repository;  Pull requests welcome ♥
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty*
    • And Possibly More!
Please NoteThis device is a legacy product and new units may not be available.
Supplies Limited.
For batch orders, please contacts sales.

Please keep in mind that every AerTouch is assembled by hand in the USA, and may take 2-6 weeks (from the time of order) to be finalized, tested, and shipped.


AerTouch Assembly takes 2-5 Weeks!


All Images are of our Beta-Test Units, final product may differ slightly in appearance!
Images of every color available soon!  Actual colors may vary slightly.


*Limited availability lifetime limited warranty!
Warranty covers any defects or faults in workmanship when under normal use.
AerifyDigital will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a device that proves defective because of improper materials or workmanship, when the device is under normal use and maintenance.  This warranty does not cover mishandling or cosmetic damage to the exterior case or screen.  However; Screens and parts may be replaced at reduced or no charge upon warranty claim review.  This warranty may be voided if the device is found to be modified, in any way, without authorization from a member of our support team.  Please see our RMA form to file a RMA claim request.  You may contact us at for information or additional support inquiries.


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