Introducing the AerTiny-TC, AerifyDigital’s lite PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) based temperature controller for heating elements! A Dedicated PID Controller which allows stable temperature management of a heating element.

This device merges proven features of the AerPID, with a simple interface to offer a scale-able version of the AerTouch without sacrificing prime function and features.  Offering USB interfacing, and Wireless through Wifi and Bluetooth, the AerTiny is capable of being paired and controlled via most supported devices.

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AerTiny Temperature Controller v2

Device Features

  • Dedicated PID Controller allows stable temperature management of heating element.
    • Arduino based Architecture, Open Source based software design.
    • Dual Core 240 Mhz CPU with wifi and bluetooth.
  • K Type Thermocouple Supported (Other options available).
  • 5 Amp Solid State Relay for load Element.
  • Fused (1.6 Amp) AC Plug on back with C14 Connection to C13 Power Cord.
  • USB Interface for setup and usage.
    • Micro USB Connection on side or back.
    • USB-C Connection on back (optional).
    • Connectable to PC for software updates and configuration.
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Interface for remote configuration and control.
    • Web application accessible via browser when device is network connected.
    • Full Device control via GUI control panel from web browser.
  • OLED Screen with 5 front Buttons for Standalone Operation
    • Total 128 x 64 pixel resolution, 0.96″ size.
    • Status LED’s on side front.
  • Controllable ambient internal lighting effects.
  • 5-Pin Female XLR Connection on Front
    • Supports common enail pinouts:
      1. AC POWER
      2. AC POWER
      3. TC +
      4. TC
      5. GROUND
      6. SHIELD (Earth Ground)
  • Configurable Auto-shut off and heating element dip detection.
  • Heating Element and Thermocouple fault detection; Coil Protection Circuit.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty*

Please keep in mind that every AerTiny is assembled by hand in the USA, and may take several weeks (from the time of order) to be finalized, tested, and shipped.


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All Images are of our Beta Units, final product may differ slightly in appearance!
Actual colors may vary slightly. More images coming soon!
*Limited availability lifetime limited warranty!
Warranty covers any defects or faults in workmanship when under normal use.
AerifyDigital will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a device that proves defective because of improper materials or workmanship, when the device is under normal use and maintenance.  This warranty does not cover mishandling or cosmetic damage to the exterior case or screen.  However; Parts may be replaced at reduced or no charge upon warranty claim review.  This warranty may be voided if the device is found to be modified, in any way, without authorization from a member of our support team.  Please see our RMA form to file a RMA claim request.  You may contact us at for information or additional support inquiries.

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